Modern Space and Aviation Technologies

  • Automation and energy saving on aviation transport
  • Modern technologies of aircrafts airworthiness support
  • Aircraft design and strenght
  • The latest tribotechnology in aviation and general engineering
  • Engines and Power Installations
  • Intelligent robotic systems and measuring systems


Modern information and communication technologies in aviation

  • Intellectual control system
  • Computer systems and components
  • Software engineering
  • Civil aviation cybersecurity
  • Mathematical modeling and numerical methods


Air Navigation: Tendencies and Prospects

  • Aeronavigation
  • Unmanned Aerial Complexes
  • Control of Complex Systems
  • Automated control systems of technological processes and vehicles
  • Avionics and control of aircraft
  • Electronics and telecommunications


Environmental safety, engineering and technology

  • Environmental safety and aviation chemmotology
  • Biotechnologies and biomedical engineering
  • Symposium On Electric Aviation And Autonomous Systems (ISEAS-2020)


Workshop "Perspectives for the Aeronautical Research in Europe"


Economics and Business Administration in Aviation


Communication Factor in Modern International Relations

  • International economic cooperation of  Ukraine in the aviation and space fields
  • The transformation of journalism in the context of technologizing the world and the processes of globalization
  • International law in the conditions of modern globalization processes
  • Aviation and tourism
  • Current Issues in International Relations
  • Multimedia Technologies and Systems


Aviation Transport Management and Logistics


Safety Culture in Aviation: threat and risk management

  • Social, political, moral and psychological components of aviation safety.
  • Psychology of aircraft safe operation and modern ergatic systems.
  • Human factor management.
  • Language modeling of aviation information systems.
  • Anthropological and historical-cultural dimensions of aviation safety.
  • Assessment of threats and risks to aviation safety


Spatial organization of air complexes


Air and Space Law: International and National Issues of Security


Management and Administration in the Aviation Industry


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