Deadline for manuscripts

September 10, 2020


The language of proceedings is English.

Accept not published earlier materials and materials that are not translations from other languages.


1. Participation is FREE.

Proceeding will be published on the website:



2. The Organizing Committee also announces the possibility of publishing the materials submitted to the Congress in publications indexed in the SCOPUS scientometric database.

Conference journal: IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)

 Publication Fee

100 euro



Memorandum for participants


1. The minimum volume of the article is 6 pages (Times New Roman, font 11, single space, A4 format).

2. Only book ("portrait") page format.

3. The structure of the text of the article must comply with the standard IMRAD_format

4. The article is submitted in English. Absence of text of the Cyrillic alphabet in the text of the article (including formulas, graphs, schemes, diagrams, program screenshots and any images).
5. All images must be clear and easy to read.
6. All formulas, graphs, charts must be editable.
7. Sources of borrowing of all images, if they are not author's, should be specified. The source of the borrowing is indicated in the place near the inscription.
8. All articles will be tested for plagiarism. In case of detection of plagiarism (as well as self-plagiarism), the authors will be denied re-submission of the article.




Author guidelines for conference proceedings



Author guidelines (how to submit a paper)



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Reports will be not edited. Authors are responsible for the content of the report.