Deadline for manuscriptsSeptember 14, 2022

The language of proceedings are English, Ukrainian 

Proceeding will be published on the website:


Registration and Submission process


Author guidelines (how to submit a paper)


Materials submitted for publication should meet the requirements listed below:

– the volume of the article should not exceed 3-5 full pages. Paper size is A5 (148 x210 mm). Margins – 20 mm around;

– an article has to be typed in text editor Microsoft Word, font – Times New Roman – 9, single line space interval between lines.

UDC – left-aligned, space at the bottom 9 pt.

Information about authors – initials, surname, degree in science, in brackets – company, state. Text must be font 9, italic, right-aligned.

Title of the article – font 9, bold, left-aligned, space from above and below – 9 pt, without hyphenation.

Abstract (up to 50 words): font 8, italic, the text must be justified without the first line indent, space from left and right – 5mm, space from below – 9 pt, the text should not be longer than 5 lines.

The text of the article: font 9, first line indent of the paragraph is 10 mm, the text must be justified; captions to figures, font 9, numbering of the tables – font 9, italic, right-alignment; titles of the tables – font 9, the text must be centered; formulasis recommended to use build-in Word for Windows Equation Editor.

Conclusion: title – font 9, bold, separate section (space from above – 9 pt, from below – 6pt, centered) or inside the text, text – font 9.

References: title (references) – font 9, bold, centered, space from above – 9 pt, from below – 6 pt; text must be typed as numbered list, space from the first line of the paragraph – 5mm, the text must be justified. References should include: author’s surname and initials, title of references, volume etc. – font 9.


Download the template


Reports will be not edited. Authors are responsible for the content of the report.