Modern Space and Aviation Technologies
– Automation and energy saving in air transport
– Modern technologies of Aircraft Continuing Airworthiness
– Design, strength and durability of aviation machines
– Engines and power plants
– Intellectual robotic and measuring systems

Modern Information and Communication Technologies in Aviation
– Intellectual Control System
– Computer Systems and Components
– Modern Technologies of Software Development in Aviation
– Civil Aviation Cybersecurity
– Modeling, Numerical Methods and Information Technology in Applied Mathematics

Aeronavigation: tendencies and prospects
– Aeronavigation
– Control of complex systems
– Automated control systems of technological processes and vehicles
– Avionics and control of aircraft
– Electronics and telecommunications in aviation
– English as a means of professional communication in aviation: new perspectives, challanges and solutions.

Environmental safety, engineering and technology
– Environmental Safety, Engineering and Technology in Aviation
– Perspectives of Aviation Research in Europe

Economics and business administration in aviation

Communication Factor in Modern International Relations
– International economic cooperation of Ukraine in the aviation and spacefields
– The transformation of journalism and advertising in the context of informatization the world
– Multimedia Technologies and Systems
– Аviation and tourism
– International relations in global challenges of modern times

Transport Management and Logistics

Safety Culture in Aviation: threat and risk management

Spatial organization of airport complexes and aerodrome areas
– Construction and operation of airports
– Architecture, urban planning and spatial planning
– Computer modeling, graphics and applied design

Air and Space Law: International and National Issues of Security

Management, administration and psychological support in the aviation industry

Aviation Safety management system