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1. Modern space and aviation technologies

• Latest technologies for maintaining aircraft airworthiness

• Fatigue and fracture of aircraft structures

• Aerodynamics and flight safety

• Modern tribotechnologies in aircraft and general purpose mechanical engineering

• Problems of recovery controllability of the aircrafts

• Diagnostic systems in the aerospace complex

• Information security in aviation

• Specialized Computer Systems and CALS – Technology in Aviation

• The intellectual robot-technical measuring complexes and systems

• Advanced information technologies in aviation

• Computer systems

• Mathematical modeling and numerical methods

• Spatial organization of air complexes

• Energy installation


2. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

• Integration and Safety

• Security Aspects

• Environmental Impact

• Regulations, Standardization, Certification

• Air Traffic Management

• Navigation and Communications

• Sense-and-Avoid Systems

• Interoperability and Reliability

• Energy Efficient

• Design and Engineering

• Training and Simulation

• A Look to the Future


3. Aeronavigation

• Air traffic management and service.

• Communication, navigation and surveillance systems.

• Avionics.

• Aviation English and safety of flight

• Automated process control systems

• Control of complex systems

Radar Methods and Systems Workshop (RMSW-2012)


4. Environmental protection

• Geographic information systems of aviation

• Biotechnology in aviation

• Remote aerospace researches

• Chemical technology and engineering

• Environmental protection


5. Aviation chemmatology

• aviation alternative fuels;

• aviation chemmatology and fuel delivery;

• quality of aviation fuel and safety of flights;

• de-icing and anti-icing airport systems;

• additives for aviation fuels and lubricants materials, nanotribotechnologies


6. Communication factor  in modern international relations

• Communication factor  in modern international relations

• Modern Ukrainian journalism in the system of international communication


7. Economy and management in aviation

• Management of business in the area of aviation transport

• Organization and technologies of aviation operations and flights

• Logistic engineering of transport services

• Economic safety in aviation

• Aviation and globalization in economy


8. Human factor in aviation

• Social, political, moral and psychological components of aviation safety.

• Psychology of aircraft safe operation and modern ergatic systems.

• Human factor management: current situation and prospects.

• Language modeling of aviation information systems.

• Synergetic approach in aviation safety: anthropological and historical-cultural dimensions.


9. Spatial organization of air complexes


10. Air and space law: international and national issues of security

• Air and space law in international cooperation

• Legal adjusting of safety of flights

• Features of the legal adjusting of the use of air space are in modern market conditions


11. Continuous education. Upgrading and recurrent training

• System of continuous education as a tool for the development of civil aviation

• Problems of the regulatory and legal framework of the continuous education and recurrent training

• Integration of the systems of continuous education, public administration and business on the principles of the social partnership

• Content, methodological and organizational components of the continuous education

• Competence approach and quality management of the continuous education


12. ICAO

• ICAO system approach to aviation safety.

• Challenges in harmonization of national legislation with international ICAO Standards and European regulations.

• Human resource planning, training, learning methodologies and mobilization of the aviation personnel next generation.

• Countering new and emerging threats to aviation security.

• Use of biodetectors for the aviation security purposes.

• Aviation services cooperation difficulties in the search and rescue operations.

• Aviation English Language Proficiency Maintaining for pilots and Air Traffic Controllers.

• Qualification of Aviation English teachers, raters and examiners.

• Crew Resource Management and human factors.


13. Aviation Congress School of young scientists "Environmental protection from civil aviation impact”

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